ERPaaS (ERP as a Service)

For SMEs seeking affordable cloud ERP mobile solutions, our ERPaaS offers up to 300 bundled functionalities on a rented license and uses our Partners’ complementary supporting services.

Laconic’s ERPaaS subscription model provides solutions on an “on-demand” basis without lengthy contracts or large upfront costs.

It is a great tool for startups and growing businesses. Our flexible plan can be adapted on a monthly basis, allowing you to manage your system costs efficiently as they expand.

Our ERPaaS solution is suitable for enterprises within a specific industry cluster that are seeking affordable cloud ERP mobile solutions. You will have access to up to 300 bundled BUY, SELL, and MAKE functionalities, have full rights to report export functions, and use Laconic Technology Co.’s or our partners’ server hardware for storage.

  • Professional business management product using very robust technology
  • Built on highly scalable JAVA platform
  • Generic product developed by industry cluster
  • ERP Software Rental License with unlimited Application users
  • Installed on Laconic Technology Co.’s or our partner’s servers and includes a unique and secure URL access





Inventory Management


Bill of Material

Work in Progress

  • Trading
  • Service
  • Retail - POS
  • Facility Management
  • More coming...
  • Prospective customers interested in our products are marketed online or via specific industry channels
  • Product selection and finalization of contractual agreements
  • Execute contractual agreements
  • Model design
  • Pre-configuration
  • Online transaction
  • Realization