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Laconic provides business development solutions for SMEs who do not have the necessary in-house competences for significant growth.

In line with our brand name “Laconic,” which means “using few words, concise, to the point,” we eliminate complexities and integrate your business systems within a fast-moving and mobile environment.

Using cutting-edge “web and pure cloud” technology, we deliver essential data tracking and reporting in real time, allowing smart and traceable decision making.

Enterprise ERP

Laconic’s Enterprise ERP” solution has been around for over 10 years, successfully supporting medium to large Thailand-based manufacturing SMEs operating regionally and covering a wide range of specialized industry clusters.


Suitable for group of small, medium to large SMEs such as those in the Trading, Service, Retail POS, and Facility Management sectors (with more verticals to be added) enabled to start up or grow their business with our ERP as a Service” (ERPaaS), an on-demand ERP basis solution without lengthy contracts or large upfront costs.

About Laconic

Since 2006, Laconic has been granted the privilege of Thailand Board of Investment – BOI No: 1268(7)/2557 under Web-based, Application and Cloud Computing. This coincides with the government’s recent announcement to push for Thailand 4.0 — transforming traditional SMEs into smart enterprises and traditional services into high-value services.

Laconic Financial functionalities are currently fully certified by the Thailand Revenue Department.

Laconic’s multinational support team can operate fluently in English, Thai and Mandarin — always maintaining a delicate balance between Asian and Western cultures to accompany the change management part of a successful ERP implementation.


  • Performs traceable decision-making at all levels
    Allows the right decision maker to make fully traceable operational decisions 24/7 using customized dashboards which capture all of your business information in real time and in a single, scalable system.

  • Empowers entire organization
    Creates a flexible environment empowering your entire workforce to make faster and more informed decisions with ERP mobile access and integrated business analytics. This allows business owners and top management to focus on business development-related matters instead of micromanaging.

  • Keeps stakeholders fully integrated
    Integrates and efficiently automates, prioritizes and executes the business processes of your upstream (Suppliers) and downstream (Customers) using our B2B data exchange platform.


  • Multi-level expertise
    Our expertise and in-depth knowledge of software and best practices allow us to provide the best package for your needs to maximize your IT investments.

  • Choice and customization
    We expand and customize our services and products with add-on programs and integrate them with your existing systems.

  • Business understanding
    Years of implementation experience across various industries allow us to customize our products and services to suit your business processes.

  • End-to-end solution
    Our single-vendor approach reduces complexity, administrative overheads and costs, while ensuring you get the best customer service.

  • TCO and ROI
    Our ERP products are affordable and highly cost-effective to give you transparent TCO and ROI.
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